About Us

Acoustic Live is an award-winning, multi vessel platform, dedicated to keeping stripped back music alive, founded in 2013 by Ghanaian heritage duo Alexandra & Que. Over the past 6 years Acoustic Live have built a dedicated community, providing a powerful space that offers artists a chance to flourish. Our core mission through innovation, collaboration with other brands and the ideal to champion talent acoustically, is to provide tangible opportunities to genuine artists and in turn an environment for listeners to discover exciting new music.

Acoustic Live has gained the attention of various companies and brands through the production of our high quality acoustic events. With our first and most recognisable event #AcousticAfternoon running at both Boxpark Shoreditch and Boxpark Croydon for five years, Acoustic Live were able to make a monumental cultural impact for people of all ages


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our services. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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