Acoustic Live believe that charitable purposes carry the fundamental factors of every community, including music. Charity work is something we pride ourselves on incorporating in to our events and partnerships, we do this to increase public benefit and to advance the relationship between brands and attendees.


We make a point of ensuring all of our events are free of charge to fall in line with our ethos. The outcome of this is, it benefits the areas where we hold our events, encourages the public participation and reduces the exclusion of supporters who may not be able to afford tickets to high quality shows regularly.


We put great emphasis on relieving young people living in the UK of the financial constraints that come with attending events in Greater London and other large cities. Acoustic Live also work to make our environment appeal to those who may be socially excluded and facilitate an atmosphere which introduces them to a new pool of music.


With this being at the forefront of our company we are able assist the progress of creating safer spaces in the UK for listeners from all walks of life. This has also given us the opportunity to grow our own capacity and simultaneously integrate everyone who wants to be a part of Acoustic Live, in to our musical society.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our services. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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